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Our process and pricing is fast, easy, and transparent. We take the time and stress out of selling your diamonds for the best prices.

(1) – Send us your diamond information. In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we need to know everything there is to know about your diamond. If you have a GIA, EGL, or some other evaluation number, we can use that quickly to provide you with a quote.

(2) – Get a Free Quote. If you provided us with a certification number, the quoting process is fast and simple. If not, we’ll need to have one of our professionals manually grade your diamond. We offer fully insured, safe shipping to our facilities completely free of charge to get your diamond evaluated.

(3) – Sell your diamond. Once we’ve gathered quotes for your diamond from our buyers, we’ll send you the offers for approval. If you decide to sell your diamond, you’ll then need to send your diamond to us (again it is fully insured, safe, and free with our prepaid packages).

(4) – Get Paid. Once we’ve received and inspected your diamond, you’ll receive payment within 24 hours!


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