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Diamonds – It probably comes as no surprise that we specialize in diamonds. With decades of experience under our belt and thousands of diamond purchases and sales, we know how to get the best price for your jewelry. Whether it’s a graded, loose stone or one that is a bit more of a mystery, we’ll evaluate what you have and offer you a great price for your stone.

Gold – If you’re selling a diamond ring, it’s likely that the band has value as well. We’ll get you a cash offer based on its contents, as well as any other unwanted gold you have that you would like to sell.

Silver – Silver rings, silver jewelry, silver flatware, silver coins… if it’s pure silver, we’ll by it!

Other Precious Stones – If your ring or jewelry contains other stones (sapphires, rubies, opals, etc), we’ll provide a quote on those as well. We utilize our list of jewelry contacts to adequately price each stone and try to get you the best offer for them.

Other Jewelry – Not sure if we buy it? Ask! If it’s something valuable for a jewelry store, it’s likely that we can at least make you an offer for it. From broken watches and coins to platinum jewelry and earrings, we’ll make you an offer for any pieces you have of value.


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